Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall is Almost Here!

I guess we all have to start some where, so here goes my first post.  I absolutely love fall, everything about it makes my senses go wild. The colors of the leaves changing, crisp cool weather, pumpkins & gourds, blustery winds, smells of cinnamon & spices & apples, all of it makes me a very happy girl. Another great thing about it for me is bringing the wonderful tokens of the season into my little world, aka home. Now don't get me wrong, I am no Martha Stewart. I would love to have half of the creativity of that woman; still the same I really enjoy decorating. Today I am sharing a little piece of that love of mine with you (not sure who you are, seeing that I have no followers at this time). I was planning on waiting until the first day of fall- this Friday the 23rd- to take summer out and bring fall in. Unfortunately I am not the most patient person in the world & besides the weather feels like the season has already changed soooooo..............


This is the entry table, I change it up seasonally.

I took a few of the feathery stalks from some pampas grass and placed them around the ring of the bowl stand, then filled it with acorns, a few gourds and some mini pumpkin potpourri.

The vase with the branches in it is a clear glass vase that I wrapped in a cream linen fabric then tied some twine around it.

Next in line, the mantel. I can't wait until my house is filled with pumpkins, pine cones & all things fall!