Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Pincushion Tutorial

Do you have one of those ugly tomato pin cushions? You know, the ones you get at Wal-Mart for $1. Well I have had mine for years and it's just never done it for me. I mean it did it's job as a pincushion just fine, but I hated to look at the darn thing! I've been wanting to make a new one for some time and yesterday I found my "round tuit". It was so easy and did not take long at all, I wish I had done it a long time ago. 

Let's get started with the how to part. Pick your fabric that you want to use on the pumpkin. It does not have to be orange, you can really get creative here. I chose a tan linen to compliment my craft room.

The first thing you want to do is cut out your circle. Mine is about 9 inches in diameter. I took a little off the top and bottom to form some what of an oval, about half an inch each. You can can do that as well or just keep it a circle, it's up to you. And it does NOT have to be perfect.

Fold the outer edge down about a 1/4 inch and sew it down all the way around using sort of long stitches(about 1/4 in long). Use strong thread and make sure it's long enough to go around the full circumference of the circle, with some to spare. Don't tie off your thread, you'll need it loose for a later step. Also leave the needle intact.

Next, remove the top green star looking part from your tomato. It should be glued on and just peel right off.
 Now you want to get the top part open. You can cut it if you don't want to fool with trying to pry it open like I did;) Just be careful to only cut the outer part and not damage the sack inside that holds the filler. Once you get that opened up, remove the little sack of filler.

At this point you can say bye-bye to the red tomato forever. OR if you're like me you keep every single, teeny, tiny piece of scrap because you know, you might need it someday! Ok now smush down the sack a little to kind of flatten it or shape it however you like. Put it in the center of your fabric circle and begin pulling your thread tight. It will enclose the filler sack and once you have it all closed up you can begin to tie it off. Just run a few stitches back and forth and then tie it in a few knots. It should be looking something like this.

At this point you can squish and mold your pumpkin to your satisfaction. 

Of course every great pumpkin has a stem, right? You know the little dangly part of the tomato that is used to sharpen you pins?

Well I decided to use that for my stem. You just push the pointy tip in and flatten it, then turn it upside down and cover it with fabric. 

You can use whatever you want for the stem and leaves. Once you have them just sew (or glue depending on what you choose) them on and........


Bye bye ugly tomato, hello precious pumpkin!



I think I'll keep her:)

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